Sunday, 21 December 2014

Bringing Out The Director in Me

Movies has always been a big part of me since my early days. It has left a deep impact in my memories. I remember the very first movie I saw in cinema, it was Free Willy. One particular scene hit very hard into my memory that day. It was the end scene when Willy jumps above a pile of rocks with Jesse standing on it towards his freedom.

You have to give credit to the director for executing the scene perfectly. I'm sure there is a whole big team working behind making that scene a success, but to come with an idea of the scene to place it at such moment and to shot it to such perfection, you got to applaud the director. It is always a directors dream where certain scenes of a movie is remember fondly by his audience for a very long time and here that was achieved.

With years passing on, I realized I have became a movie buff and movie critic. This has to come down to the influence of having the best movie critic I ever know as my housemate. Navalan Bang was one of the best movie critics I knew and whenever I engaged into discussion with him, I realized I was able to analyse movies much better and the urge to director my very own movie kept growing stronger. I begun writing down a couple of my own plots and story line which I hope one day I would be able to make it into a motion picture.

A couple of weeks ago, I heard a question which was ask on the radio which goes like this "Given a chance, what movie will you remake and what will you change in the story while who will you put to act?" This question got me thinking curiously and the director in me begin emerging out once again. Below are 3 movies which I would love to remake it given a chance and what chances I would bring and who would act in it on current time, followed by one original story of mine which I would love to direct 

Remake Number 1: Mudalhavan
Story: Instead of remaking the movie I would choose to make a squeal to this movie. It will begin with Arjun who has been the Prime Minister over a long number of years. Initially he started by doing good for the people and the nation but over time being in power, the need to whole on to power and greed starting to get the best out of him. He begins to make decisions to safeguard his position and hold on to power. At the same time a young aspiring politician from Arjun's own party begins stepping up. He is good heart do-good kind of politicians who wants what is best for his people. He begins to grow a dislike towards Arjun's rule and tries to challenge for the party president post only to lose out on a landslide margin as Arjun has bribe everyone in the party. Frustrated, leaves the party and starts one of his own and eventually challenges Arjun in the General election and wins it. In the process it is shown how Arjun tries to use negative tactics to stop that person from winning. 

*Credits to Kugarubaan for the initial idea

Actors: Arjun as the Current Prime Minister while Surya (carrying the shades of Michael from Aaytha Ezhuthu) as the young aspiring politician.

This scene serves as an inspiration that the character is capable to play dirty to secure his position. Let it be for good or bad intentions
One of the best portrayal from a young actor as an aspiring young brave politicians
Remake Number 2: Lingaa
Story: One the reason why I choose this movie as it is still fresh in my mind. For me I would love to remake this movie based on one timeline only. The movie will fully focus on the time line of Raja Lingeswaran. I would start off the movie how at the begining the land only belongs to kings followed by how the British started coming in and claiming the land and how easily the kings were manipulated. This drove Raja Lingeswaran to become a collector. I would extend the screen time of him being a collector and show scenes of him putting effort to help the people while being denied by the British Government and the final  straw was about being denied to build the dam. From here it follows the story as how it was in the movie, about the efforts of building the dam and the challenges and accusation he faced before being drove out from the village. I would choose to end it with when the villages try to find Raja Lingeswaran, they got to know that he has already passed away , leaving the wife and a son behind. The villages brings them back and ask the son to reopen the temple while making them royal leaders of the village.

Portrayed to perfection as a well loved king  
Perhaps one of the best scenes in the movie
Nailed his style to perfection
Actors: Definitely Rajni by a million mile. Nailed the role to perfection, He just has far more style and class than any other actor. Would love the see the role potrayed by Sonakshi given to a different actress. She lacked the feminism and did not bring out enough facial emotion in her scenes. I would rather have Danshika of Aravaan fame in that role
Danshika would have portrayed the village girl role to much better realism.

Now finally coming to my very own plot which I would love to direct someday. Its concept requiring two lead actors and 2 female character who plays important roles in significant parts of the movie and followed by a supporting role who would have the interval/main twist revolving towards his actions.

Tittle: Yet to be decided
Story: The movies revolves around the lives of an honest cop and his goals of bringing down the city's top mafia leader. Mr.A would be the honest cop while Mr. B would be the mafia leader. Mr. A is a happily married cop with a daughter while Mr.B living the dangerous life has an open relationship with his childhood girlfriend. From the very beginning it shows the Mr. A is assigned by the city commissioner with the task of bringing Mr.B to justice and face the punishment for his crime. The first half of the movie will revolve around a cat and mouse chase between Mr.A and Mr.B as Mr.A tries hard to arrest Mr.B  but he somehow diligently escapes every time. It comes to the point where Mr. A suspects perhaps there is a traitor among the police force. At the same time the movie will potray scenes between the lead actors and their lady love on how it affects their decision making and all. It comes to a point in a secret ambush that Mr. A manages to arrest Mr.B but his legs are heavily wounded in the process of nabbing Mr.B. What happens next is that the city commissioner deems Mr.A no longer fit for the job as he has been heavily wounded on his legs and takes credit for himself in arresting Mr.B. A dejected Mr. A who feels crippled sees his wife and daughter leave him as they too sees him unworthy to be with. Here a rage and anger grows within Mr.A to get even with the police force which he once served so honestly. At the very same time, the police commissioner offers a deal to Mr.B that if he corporate with the cop, he will be given a lighter punishment. Persuaded by his girlfriend, Mr.B agrees and tips of the cops about the other mafia groups and members. Seeing the effectiveness of Mr.B, the police commissioner offers me a job in the police force. He eventually takes up the spot left by Mr.A which is to arrest the remaining mafia leaders. Mr.A who is on rage to get even with the cops, seeks refuge with the mafia members who he once tried to arrest. Seeing that he is former cop who is betrayed and the amount of valuable knowledge he has about the cops mentally and strategy, he eventually rises up to be the leader of the mafia's. From this point onwards the movies moves in the direction of a cat and mouse chase where by Mr.B, a cop who knows how a criminal thinks and tries to arrest Mr.A who is now a criminal but knows everything about a cop. How Mr.B tries to arrest Mr.A and what happens next form the climax of the movie

Actors: Madhavan as Mr.A
                 : Vikram as Mr B
                 : Nasser/Satyaraj as Police Commisioner
                 : Shirya Saran as Mr B's Lady love
                 : Amala Paul of Mr.A's Lady love

He seems like a perfect match for both role

 There are no words to explain his versatility

Has that wildcat look to pull of the role at the same time that soft loving side

Has the homely look while still being able to portray enough selfishness to walkaway from a problem

Thank you very much for your time reading this. I know I am no professional film maker or anywhere close to be criticizing any movies and wanting to make changes in it. You don't have to be a professional to do so because movies are made for the audience, and you as an audience feel the movie was not good you always have a right to voice it out or give your opinion in how you want it to be different. People might mock you for it, but never let that stop you. You are entitled to your rights as an audience Being a movie buff is a passion of mine and being able to analyse movie to details seems to be like a hobby to me.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Discovering Me ~ 20 Facts

Before I begin the journey of discovering 20 things about me, I would like to thank Thiban for nominating me to take up this interesting self discovering opportunity. I hope my post before has done enough to keep you interested to read this .

Now are you ready to begin the ride to find out 20 things about me!

* grabs popcorn*
*spoiler alert: You may have already known some of theses facts*

1) I have dedicated half of my life supporting ARSENAL and vow to spend the rest of life supporting them through thick and thin. I do realized the last few months my post on the post Arsenal game have reduced. I will be picking up on that soon enough

2) It would be a dream come true if one day I could direct my very own movie....Some might even know I have already prepared a couple of plot ready
Hint: Vikram and Madhavan could star in one day

3) I always prefer to be the man behind the scenes. I find joy in being the men inspiring you to your success. I am a firm believer that "Its easy for you to be successful, but the real challenge is to make someone else successful."

4) When I was kid, I always believed that the Moon was actually the reflection of the Earth. Use to believe the blue blue things on the Moon represents the seas

5) The most attractive thing on a girl for me is her smile *Million Dollar Smile*

6) What you think is what you get, this has been my life mantra let be good or bad

7) Three superpower of my choice would be the Wolverine's immortality, Magneto's metal field controlling ability and Professor X's mind power. Owh yeah I would be unstoppable

8) I used to be a last class student who was ranked last and now here I am doing my degree at a top level and coming up with innovation. Trust me when I say anybody can be successful. All you have to do is have some faith in your self and never ever let failure stop you from reaching to the stars.

9) Always felt I never had what it takes to be a blogger and write long interesting stuff. I am gonna make that change

10) I felt in love with a girl when I was 5, and now she turned out to be my better half. Sometimes kindie love can turn out to be a beautiful love story

11) One of my biggest dream is to be able to live in London for a couple of years, get an Arsenal season ticket and attend every single match home and away screaming at the top of my lungs

12) I like isolating myself and a large group of friends and just hang out with one or two people maybe.

13) No vacation is better than a beach side vacation. Got to thank my dad for cultivating this in me

14) Believe that everyone should be well versed with the art of manipulation. If you don't know how to manipulate people than trust me you gonna have a tough long life. Good or bad that's your call. 

15) I am a factual person so that puts me far off when it comes to religion. I believe more in power of the mind and will power rather than any other way of gaining belief

16) I have a long list of jobs I would like to work as
  • Engineer
  • Manager
  • Business Owner
  • Counselor
  • Head of a NGO
  • Politician
  • Investor
And I have got the perfect plan to make all of this happen.

17) Two book's have changed my life forever: The Secret & Tough Time Never Last But Tough People Do! If you have time give it a read, might save your life too.


18) I realized that somehow even new people find it very easy to open up to me and share their worries.

19) I was once told that I am a failure and I will not be successful from an educator of high rank. I hope I am starting to prove you wrong

20) Give me an opportunity if I could meet anyone person dead or alive for a day, I would pick to see my dad without giving second thoughts.

I hope you enjoyed the ride of getting to me a little better than you already do. Thanks again Thiban for give me this chance to discover my self a little better. To those who read this blog to the end, I want you guys too to write a Facebook post or a blog post regarding 20 facts about yourself. You might be surprised  on how much you will learn about yourself when you start writing them down.

Thanks for the read and lets end the year with a bang!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Unlocking The Little Boy's Dream

      Pittsburgh! That has now became one of my calling name ever since being blessed with the opportunity to travel to the United States of America. It was no ordinary vacation but a life time dream coming through at what seem impossible at moment.

     Ever since being a kid, one thing that has always fascinated me was airplanes. I remember the time on how I use to run out to open space whenever I heard the sound of a plane flying over my house. In fact its a habit I still practice. I guess the idea of being able to fly freely at the top of the world brings joy to me. Yet after 24 years the only time I was being able to board a plane was a flight from Subang-Tioman Island- Subang. A total of 110 flying minutes. That was 110 minutes where I was having big wide smile. Yet it has never fully satisfied my passion to fly.

     As I tend to grow older, the idea of travelling around the world tend to grow along with me. One of the destination I have always wanted to visit was U.S.A. It was beyond my wildest dream that it was going to come through. This adventure started back in April this year where an a project of mine was selected to participate in an upcoming competition in U.S.A. I remember jumping in joy when I got the letter and thanking my guardian angel for making this happen. Never did I imagine that this will bring one of the toughest moment of year. As much it feels great to be selected for the competition, I totally ignored the fact I will need to raise the necessary funds.

   As the date of the competition came closer was where I realized I was no where close to having the necessary amount need to make 2 of my wildest dream come true-  Flying in a plane to U.S.A. When it comes to money, trust me it will never come easy. I may forget many things in life, but I will never forget the journey I had to face to raise the necessary  amount. I don't know if its by sheer luck or effort my situation started to viral around Facebook. At the beginning it kinda felt good gaining the publicity, but it was only a matter of time when this same publicity started to bring responsibility. The fact that I was hardly getting enough sleep because I had to go round and round and round to try to raise the necessary fund. Even if that meant coming home around 3 am after meeting with people. At a point I felt like quitting everything and going back to be a normal student and stay on low. Thanks to the support of my loved, it kept me going and that turned out to be one of the best thing that happened to me. From being a nobody to being interviewed, this has to be the greatest thing I have achieved in my life. Soon the funds were raised, the passport was ready and the visa is approved. All that is left is to book a flight and fly to achieve my dreams. Yet as they say nothing comes without difficulties. Many hurdles had to be faced just days before flying off even if that meant putting my future in question mark. Yet I took the leap and faith and grab the opportunity in front of me and flew to my dreams

    Soon enough there I was at Pittsburgh. After a 23 hours flight, I was there in the land where dreams come true. A 24 year old Malaysian, with a project which could change the world of smartphone travelling to U.S.A to showcase his project. I instantly fell in love with the place. It was just like how I dream off. The cold breeze, the friendly people and an opportunity to succeed. Here I am living the dream. I might travel to many places in the world as I grow, but this adventure will be one I will always cherish as it was filled with many challenges where a  normal would have quite but I did not. It was the achievement of the little boy's dream in me.

   I can now say,I, SUKESH PANDIAN, flew in an airplane to the amazing U.S.A

   It may not be the biggest achievement in mankind history, but it will always be my biggest personal achievement as it is a dream travelling back to the kid in me.