Sunday, 29 November 2015

Dreams: Follow Your Passion

Have you ever looked upon yourself and ponder what is the purpose of your life. Do you ask yourself, why are you given this life and what must you accomplish. It's usually hard for us to answer this question. This is part of what we call "Soul Searching". To understand why we are given this life.

I firmly believe that each one of us has a very unique purpose in this life which differs us from one another. To know your purpose is to your DREAM. Now ask yourselves again, what is your dream? Now I believe it is easier to answer this question.

And how can we make our dreams a reality. That my friend is what I call, finding your passion. Because your dream is something you like doing and that in a way is your passion. At an early age, identify your passion and follow it. As we grow our passion may change so is our dreams, but they all would serve the same purpose in our life, so never be afraid to make that change.

Sometimes that change may sound crazy, something an ordinary person would never do. It may force you to leave your comfort zone, sacrifice something which people won't understand, but do it because that is your passion. Follow it and believe it and trust me you would be successful. 

The first step is always difficult. The step to stop your routine practices and give up what comfort you have to follow your passion. Trust me I know it to well and I know the challenge in it. It is not easy I won't lie to you. But if you do so, you will start to see how your life starts to change in front of you and you would understand the true meaning of happiness and self satisfaction..

Follow your passion, your dreams would be a reality and you will understand the meaning of your life.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Charles Schultz Philosophy

 Recently I came across this interesting article about this is an interesting theory by Charles Schult
Take a couple of minutes of your time and read the following question and just try to answer it. I have redesign the questions to fit my set of readers
Creator of "Peanuts" Comic Strip

1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world.
2. Name the last five All England winners.
3. Name the last five winners of the Miss Malaysia.
 4. Name ten people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize.
5. Name the last half dozen Academy Award winner for best actor and actress.
6. Name the last decade’s worth of Super League (Malaysian Football League) winners.

How did you do?

The point is, none of us remember the headliners of yesterday. These are no second-rate achievers. They are the best in their fields. But the applause dies. Awards tarnish. Achievements are forgotten. Accolades and certificates are buried with their owners.

 Here’s another quiz. See how you do on this one:

1. List a few teachers who aided your journey through school.
2. Name three friends who have helped you through a difficult time.
3. Name five people who have taught you something worthwhile.
4. Think of a few people who have made you feel appreciated and special.
5. Think of five people you enjoy spending time with.


The lesson: The people who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the most credentials, the most money, or the most awards. They are the ones that care.

“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.” (Charles Schulz)

Monday, 31 August 2015

In The Limelight: Wesley Chan

When I finished my SPM, I knew at that point chemical engineering is what I wanted to do and I worked my way hard to achieve it. But along the way, I started to discover a whole new passion. I realized that one of my best strength is that I am able to connect to people fast and that makes it easier for them to open up their issues to me

With that I realize I was able to do something about their situation and help guide them through making better choices. I was able to change people’s life. That ecstasy feeling I got every time people come and thank me for guiding them was something I never felt before and I was loving it and wanting it more

But how can an engineer keep doing this. My professional career wouldn’t allow me the space to do so. I knew I couldn’t be the only engineering student feeling this way. It was at that point where I met this guy, Wesley Chan.

“Wesley, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?” With the usual smile of his, he said “I am Wesley Chan, a trainer, speaker and author from my own company called Vision Alliance. I help youth to discover their passion and vision and in the past 3 years I have reached out to 30,000 people in more than 40 schools and universities. The reason that drives me to do this is because I imagine seeing a world where people are driven. I see a world people where they a vision and goal and they are passionate.” 

I was just stunned hearing what he was saying, because I am similar to Wesley, an engineering student who wants to change and inspire people’s life. Yet I haven’t found the right path to make my vision come true, but this man across the table, having his tea is already living his dream. At times point I knew, I wanted to be just like and I got curious to know how he did it. 

“Wesley, how did you made all these possible, from being a UTP Gold Medal winner to a motivational speaker to an upcoming author, how did you embark on this journey. What is your secret?” 

 “I’ll bring you back to my memory into 2009, it was this called Professional Communication Skill (PCS), there were about 40 students and we were all dressed formal to do a persuasive presentation to convince the crowd about an idea, product or a service. I was about nervous because I was about to present about “The Secret” while the rest were doing topics like “Why we should have more car parks and hostels.”

I was the last speaker of the day and I was very passionate about my topic. At the end of the 7 minutes, half the crowd was silenced and at the back of the room stood this lecturer of mine who is a little short, tanned skin and built and he said this one sentence, “Wesley, if you fail to be an engineer, be a motivational speaker.” 

That was the spark to my career and not only that, I was very obsessed with what makes people successful. I started to read a lot, attended seminar and search for videos on YouTube. It was in my final year where I decided I won’t be an engineer but I wanted the Chancellor Award, because I knew that with that Chancellor Award I could get more speaking engagement.

Many of us had dreams and passion but we often don’t pursue it because we are already doing something else. For example in student’s case, they have enrolled in a course not of their passion and they can’t tell it at home they want to do something else. I realized Wesley too was in this position and I wanted to know how he handles that situation

“You knew you wanted to be a speaker and not an engineer, but not those around you. So how did you break that news to them and convince them that this is the right thing for you”. 

“It was 2013, it was in my house, in my living room and across the room was an older version of me, my dad and he told me to sit down. I knew what was it about and he asked what happened to my job while I told him I had rejected all the offers. He couldn’t believe that I didn’t want to be an engineer despite being the best student in UTP and one of the best students in Malaysia and I told yeah, I want to be a speaker. He stood up, slammed the table and told me he don’t want to see me anymore in his life. 

At that point, there was an angel and demon in me and the demon will say “Just give up lah, become an engineer” but I remember just like yesterday the angel whispering into me saying “Stay faithful to your dreams.” I listened to my angel and continued and after a year my dad called and he said “Son I am sorry I pushed you too hard. I will always be proud of you in what you do.” 

What I want to share here is that I believe when you do the best, god will handle the rest. Listen to your own angel and do it. Results won’t come in a day but you must initiate the results. Nobody is going to believe you at first but just start doing it."

Wesley is this guy who always has a smile on his face and is always energetic. The expression he gives when he talks always shows that is ready to go on and chance the world. You look like a guy who is full of positivity. Looks like there is nothing in the world that can take away this amazing energy you have. But have there been a point in your life where you were not this positive. Was there a moment where you were a bit negative, not full of confidence? Can you share with us how you made that transformation from being negative to positive?”

“When I was young child winning a few national championships in Taekwondo, I was told that I was arrogant and trust me you don’t want to be called arrogant when you are a kid. I isolated myself, became very lonely and put a fake smile. 

I was about 13 and at the peak of my Taekwondo career. I did not have much friends and even my coach told me I was arrogant. People use to talk to me behind my back and I felt lonely. What kept me going and positive was sports, because I was happy and being original when I played sports. 

That was my passion and when you do your passion, you become original and that’s the real you and that how I make that transformation. I love what I do and there was no room for negativity. You will find joy following your passion and you will find that positive energy. 

So when you are negative, find things you like to do, find joy. When you like sports and play sports, you put all troubles behind and become so hype up and that is because you love what you do. All you have to do is find something you love to do and just do it"

In most of Wesley’s training's and talk, you will see him speak a lot about Chemical X and that got me curious to know what is Chemical X. “Wesley, what is Chemical X, where can we get it?” 

“The story of Chemical X started when I was 7, me and my mum use to watch television together and on Sunday morning, my favorite cartoon will be played and it is Powerpuff Girls. It is still my favorite cartoon today. At the start of the show there will be this song which mentions the professor accidentally pours in CHEMICAL X. I knew that it is because of chemical x, they became superheroes. 

I went to school and universities asking teachers and lectures what is chemical x, but they couldn’t tell me. It was until after I graduated when I went to a home in Kapar, Klang. There was this lady who is a dialysis patients and she has to go for her treatment through her stomach with a tube the size of a pen, 3 times a day and 20 minutes each and you become very tired after each session. 

Can you still imagine helping other people despite being in that position? Here is this lady named Ms.Yoges and she was helping others by setting up a home for some girls and to these girls, Ms.Yoges is a superhero. In my mind I knew she had chemical x. I asked her and she told me “I don’t know, I just love what I do”.

After that I have had many opportunities to meet successful people like Amber Chia and many more and when I asked them what made you become who you are today and they told me I just love what I do. I wanted to find a way to map that “I just love what I do” as chemical x. In other words chemical x is your passion and when you find your chemical x, you will become a superhero and I believe we all have that chemical x.”
Clearly Wesley knows what his Chemical X is and that is why he has been so successful in what he does and by doing so he is changing people’s life. “If you could offer one advice to the younger generation what will that is?”  

“Find for what you love to do, that makes you alive and go ahead. It is learning about how to dream. Have a vision but not a rigid vision. Learn how to dream instead of having a rigid dream. Don’t close other opportunities around you. Find something you are passionate about which drives you. It maybe weird to your friend but not to you ”

Meeting Wesley Chan was definitely a life changing moment for me. He helped me understand what my Chemical X is and I am starting to see already how my life is changing in the right direction. With this I would end this story on Wesley Chan by sharing a quote by Wesley himself

“Live life to express not to impress”

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Vijay: A Good or Horrible Actor?

When the name Vijay is said, you will hear a grand roar of cheers and applause across India. He is seen like a demigod by the people across India. In fact he has the second largest fan base in the Kollywood industry, just only behind the God himself Rajinikanth. Yes Vijay does have a bigger fan base than the legendary Kamal Hassan.

But if you were to take a moment to step outside of India, this is what you would see
He has became the biggest face of troll face and joke among people. People outside India just seem to hate him. So how can actor, who is worshiped at one place, becomes the face of dislike for many in another place.

Well there is only one person responsible for that and it is Vijay himself. Up to Ghilli in 2004, Vijay has been looking very promising. He looks like a young upcoming hero who is ready to move up the next stage. At times an actor has two choices in their career path, which is to do character based films or commercial entertainer.

Vijay played his cards to his strengths and went on doing commercial entertainers. At first it looked for him with films from Ghilli to Sivakasi but it when you do similar kind of movies over and over again, the audience loses patience. Because the taste of India audience is very much different to foreign audience. 

From here on his career took a downwards spiral. From 2004 to 2010, Vijay did  12 movies and only handful was watchable while the rest were disastrous. A career low Sura just summed up how is career was moving at that time. The movie was so bad, I would actually suggested to our government to screen the movie to criminals as a punishment. That's 2 hours of mental torture.

But from here you could see a change in direction from Vijay. He clearly learned to pick his script better and more importantly, working with successful establish directors. The comeback started with Kavaalan. A malayalam remake movie which he shed out all his commercial elements and did a character role. It was like seeing the yesteryear of Vijay once again. That movie showed that, there is still a quality actor in him which needed the write guidance

From Kavaalan onwards I would say all his films has been  excellent. He kept doing commercial entertainers but the difference was it was based on a more stronger gripper script with proper directors.
7 movies since Sura and they have been good watch. Perhaps the only not excellent film was Jilla, but you want to enjoy the screen presence of Vijay-Mohanlal than it is a treat.

Again it was not over the top, having to dig deep in kinda performance movie. No that is not what Vijay does. Simple commercial entertainers. That is what he is good at and he now has found the magic ingredient to make it work. Thuppaki will be for me his best ever movie and with that the comeback was complete

Yet I've noticed that despite in a change of direction, people out of India still can't accept that he has been good. It's the same people who said that Singam 2 was superb and Kathi was poor. I'm not saying Kathi is a masterpiece, but if Vijay were to have acted in Singam/ Singam 2, you would see the among of hatred. (P/S: Singam is terrible). I guess the problem is not Vijay or the type of movies he does, it's the people. They have placed a mental block in front of them which says "No matter movie Vijay does, it is useless".

 With that kind of thought in mind, there is nothing more Vijay can do to win over these fans. In fact this is what you call hatters. People who will hate you no matter what you would do. With the Puli trailer out, I've seen how the hatters are going on and on about it, but it doesn't concern me a bit. To me the film looks like a promising commercial entertainer which will be work on Vijay strength. If the film has a strong villain, than the movie will do well.

Things are looking good for him with Puli and an upcoming movie with Atlee and I wish him all the very best. I would love to see him continue this successful streak from 2011. I can't think of any other actor how has enjoyed so much success continuously for 4 years, so once again congrats to Vijay for making that change in his career.

Looking forward to Puli!!!

A dedication to the person who made me a blogger

This post today marks my 50th blog post. Over time I have done many different types of post. Ranging from personal stories (A letter to a 16 year old me) to short story attempt (The Prequel: When James Meets Amanda) up to social issues (Counseling), I've kept testing myself to see which type of writing suits me best.

At one point, I never knew that I could actually write a blog. I've loved writing for a long time. I used to use Facebook to convey my thoughts and opinions but I never felt satisfied about it. Than came along this guy who changed it all for me

The Guy Who Inspired Me To Blog
This is Kugarubaan. He was my roommate and one of my best friend. More importantly he was the guy who inspired me to write my first ever blog post. He gave me the confidence that even I could be a blogger.

I remember that night, we were talking about writings and how much I admire his blog posts. I told him I would love to write like that too but I don't think I have the ability to write things that long nor have the idea to do it. All he did was simple. He helped me created my blog page and told me to write a post that day. It can be anything but just write, just express your thoughts. There is no write or wrong to it

I've always kept that close to heart and up to today, I don't know if I am a good blogger or writer. I don't know if people enjoy what I write or not, but it is never important because I've learn to blog to express and not to impress. A big thank you to Bear Boy for teaching me that and giving me that confidence.

I would like to dedicate this 50th post to you brother for giving me the self confidence to be a blogger. Thank you for changing a part of my life!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

TEDx UTP: An Annual Event Maybe

August 15th 2015, will always be one of the greatest day of my life. I have never found myself in such a positive atmosphere before this. Imagine this scenario, you are in this hall filled with over 150 people, and you have over 10 amazing inspiring people walking up the stage and giving the speech of life inspiring you. Positive thoughts and energy resonating around the room. Everyone was so pumped up, motivated and ready to go! Well that was what exactly going on at TEDx UTP.

As I left the hall that day, there was only one thing running through my mind. I want to come back next year to UTP for another TEDx event and give a talk in front of a thunderous audience cheering on at the Chancellor Hall. This is my vision, this is my dream. As I spoke to many other people who attended TEDx UTP that day, I realised this is was just now my dream, but it was many people's dream as well. And here is 5 reasons why I feel that TEDx UTP should be back next year bigger than ever and UTP should make it the top of their priority list

1. It's Life Changing

"Sukesh, all those talks were life changing and inspiring." This was one of the many feedback I got
from the audience at TEdx UTP. Such was the impact the event it had on those who attended. Many of them left the hall inspired wanted to make a change in their life and those around them. So many of them were poised to follow their passion and find their Chemical X and make it big. Above all many of them vowed that when TEDx UTP returns next year, they are going to be there, as a speaker not as an audience.

2. Eye Opener on Dark Topics

One of my favorite talk of the day was done by Walla, which spoke to us about Depression. She enlighten our views about depression and made us travel into a journey which showed us how depression starts to creep in and what it can do to us. She brought us close that life and made us realize why is it so important not to be judgmental and be supportive. It was such a strong and powerful talk. And this is what we need more in universities. We need to know about this kind of dark issues and how to deal with it. It's not only enough we talk about being successful but it is equally important for students to know how to deal with depression. With TEDx UTP being done again next year, we can tap into more darker topics and enlighten students to be aware of.

3. Excellant Platform For Students

Being a TEDx Speaker is perhaps the pinnacle of success every public speaker dream of and what I call as a brilliant move by the organizers this year was to allocate certain speakers slots to UTP students. It a brilliant move which is going to go on and change their career. To be a TEDx Speaker while you are studying is a huge success and it is going to inspire them more for greater success and I am thankful to them for this opportunity. Next year with this event bigger than ever, more UTP students are going to        have an opportunity to be a speaker and that again is life changing

4. Bringing a Global Event to Students

Tedx is world known global event, and if more support from UTP we can bring this global event to our students on an annual basis. Many people have "Going for a TEDx event" in their bucket list. Most importantly TEDx represent a global change and now you can bring this to our students and inspire them to make that change. We are going to create a much for better and positive minded UTP graduates when this event becomes an annual basis.

5. Event Management.

As mentioned TEDx is a global event, and with the success of TEDx UTP this year, our students has proofed that they have got what it takes to manage an event of this scale with grand success. In fact looking back at my 4 years here in UTP where I have been involved with a couple of event management and also attending numerous event, I would say that TEDx UTP was the best event conducted in terms of it's event management. They have set a whole new benchmark on how an event should be conducted in UTP. With the event being conducted again next year, a new set of students is going to have this experience and it is a huge learning curve in being a well rounded graduate

It is my dream and vision that next year, UTP will once again organize this marvelous event and I would be there again to give a more inspiring talk. UTP, you now have an amazing platform to change students lives and I hope this becomes an annual event from here on.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Why Everyone Should Go Through A Break Up

Recently The Mix FM Breakfast show discussed a topic on break ups and it was about how you deal with them. I personally I found it very interesting and felt that before we talk about how to deal with a break up, I feel first we should understand why is it important for every individual to at least face a break up at least once in their life, so here it goes

Break up is perhaps one of the terms we hate the most. Nobody gets into a relationship hoping it should end with a break up. Usually break ups are associated with negative feelings and a bad aura. But as the saying goes, "there is a silver lining in every cloud" in fact I feel there might just be more than just a silver lining

1. Escape From A Sad Future
Breaking up can be one of the best thing that has happened to you. Mainly because, that person is not the right person for you. Why would you want to spend a life time with someone who is not going to be compatible for you. Some times you realize this after 6 months, sometimes after 6 years, but never settle down for anything less, because you deserve the best

2. Learning To Pick Yourself Up After A Disappointment
Not only that, it teaches you to deal with failure. A relationship failure or a break up can be one of the biggest failure you will have in your life. Because of all the time and effort you put in it comes to a sour end. Yet again it is not the end of the road. You got to learn how to pick your self up again and become stronger and better. You learn that this does not define you and you are destined for greater things.

3. Ability To Make Tough Decision 

Breaking up is not an easy decision to make, so when you actually decide to break up, you are actually learning how to make a tough decision and sticking to it. You learn how to deal with conflicts and know how to prioritize what is important in your life. You understand what you need to evaluate before you make such a life changing decision

4. Self Confidence and Maturity
It is a sad and tough phase, but don't let yourself dwell on the negatives. If you gonna sit in a corner and cry thinking you are not good enough, that shows you have no belief in yourself. Well if you don't believe in you, how can you accept other to have faith in you. Instead use the break up to help you grow become a better individual. If you deal with your break up properly, you will learn to be more mature, independent and more importantly you will learn how to love again and how to love right.

5. Understanding Love
Finally why is it important to have at least a break up is because you learn what love is all about. The good and ugly side of it. You learn how to let someone go. By letting someone go, you are teaching yourself to let yourself free. A couple years down the road when you look back at yourself, you will know that the break up was a defining moment in your life and it set you to be who you are. 

I will write on how to deal with break up in my next post, and just because I am writing about break up doesn't mean I am planning to break up with my girlfriend lol. Learning from my past relationship is the key to why I share an amazing relationship with her today. You see sometimes, breaking up can help you set your self up to meet the right person

Friday, 7 August 2015

Open Letter To School Students

Dear School Students,

I understand this is perhaps the most confusing phase in your life. You feel you are matured enough to make your decisions, but you parents think you are still a little child. I guess that's why you are called a teenager. You are stuck in the transition phase of being an adult and being a kid.

Trust me I know that feeling, I have been there before and the internal struggle can be very exhausting. There are many other issues that would take place during this phase such as managing your relationship, finding time to study, hanging out with friends and some even to smoke and drink or not. There are all big issues which you need to make the right decisions, but here I am going to focus on one issue and that is called PASSION

Dear students, have you decided what you want to do after your SPM or STPM or any course of such level. If you have decided, ask your self why have you chosen this course. Is it because your parents told you, or is it because your friends are doing it so you wanted to fit in or is it because it is your passion. I sincerely hope it is because of your passion, because if not you would regret this decision 5-10 years from now.

We all want to be successful in life and the key to it, is to do something you are passionate about. I am a chemical engineer and I chose it because I was passionate about. I knew since the age of 16, I wanted to be a chemical engineer. Thus I am on my path to success and I can see things falling right for me. But along my way I have seen many students struggling with engineering. You see it is not because there are not "smart enough" as perceived by others, it is simply because they are not passionate enough about it

2 years into engineering they realised they actually don't like it and their passion lies elsewhere. I've meet an engineering student who would make an excellent business C.E.O as his passion lies there. I have seen engineering student who would be an excellent photographer because his passion lies there. They would become good engineers but they would be successful and happy businessman and photographer if they were to have known their passion earlier and followed it

That is why I say, knowing your passion at this stage of your life can be the most crucial thing you decide in your life. Take a moment to reflect on your self. Identify your strength and weakness. See what interest you the most. Talk to people who are successful in the field you like. Learn from them the process. Place yourself in their shoes to see if you would enjoy the process. Because students, learning is suppose to be a fun process and it will only be fun if you are doing something you are passionate about.

So students go and find out your passion and work towards it!!!

A guy who followed his passion

Monday, 3 August 2015

An Idea To Cultivate Innovation In School

I have always believed that an individual needs to have two things in order to be successful in today's world. First being they need to attain a positive mindset. A positive mindset improves your confidence and betters your thought process. In the way of the law of attraction, a positive mind attracts positive things to themselves and thus being successful. This is something many people are being aware of already.

The second thing is an individual need to possess innovative thinking. Now this is something which most people are not aware of. When you tell someone, you need to have innovative thinking, they will usually reject your idea by claiming that they are not going to be some innovator and they don't need this.

Well humans are always afraid of what they don't know thus they reject this kind of ideas. Innovative thinking is something very important to every individual to have. Why is it important? Well I will be sharing that in my TEDx UTP talk soon, so you got to wait for it to find out. Trust me you will than understand it's importance.

I believe innovation should start from school itself. The earlier the younger mind are thought this the better they will become. I was introduced to the world of innovation at the age of 23. My idea now is to give students at the age of 13 the taste of innovation. To make them be a part of it. The earlier they start, the more time they have to develop their skills and by the time they hit their final year of degree, you will never know what they will be able to achieve

The idea here is that to start up an innovation competition in high schools. For those who are from UTP reading this, the concept is going to be abit similar to how SEDEX OIC is conducted but of course on a lighter scale. The idea is to have five different category for students. Which means all form 1 students will compete against each other, all form 2 competes against each other and so on until form 5 students.

The point of the competition here is not to actually make the create a new invention or a working innovative prototype. That could involve cost and maybe schools are not able to sponsor their students with such budget. That is something they could keep in mind for future plans. The idea here is to have students come up with conceptual innovative idea

What I want to see them do is work in a group of 5, brainstorm of things which can be innovated or maybe a new invention. Once they have the idea, I want them to spend months gathering information via any means possible for them and come up with a 5-10 page report about it and do a power point presentation. They don't have to do a demonstration.

The school teachers can evaluate them and pick winners for each category and also award the best group in terms of presentation. What happens here is that you are developing 3 things. First is innovative thinking by making them come up with idea. Second is improving their presentation skills which is going to be a handy tool throughout their life and third is report writing, which is important in both universities and working life.

This all important tools for students to sharpen before they enter univerisities and could make a huge difference to them. For a start, the all the school needs to do is get at least one group from each class. Let say you have 5 form 1 classes, that means you have 5 groups participating in category 1. You can award the best group with a medal. If you have more groups, you can award the top 3. Similar for all levels.

You can conduct this the whole year. For example from January to March, you let students form their own group of 5 and survey about possible ideas. In April they have to register their group with the topic and perhaps in September they can conduct the presentation. It gives them sufficient time to complete their work.

I really hope schools will allow me to approach them with this idea and I would love to be help them establish

this kind of competition in their school. I can do by giving talks about innovation, how to be an innovative thinker, a presentation workshop on how to conduct a proper presentation and so on. I have many idea and I would love to work with schools regarding this

School Students Innovation of A Mouse Trap

Monday, 27 July 2015

Open Letter To Indian Parents

Dear Indian Parents,

I am writing out today to you not to criticize you but to help you broaden your perspective on things have changed from the time you were growing up, till the time we are today. I am not saying you are wrong, but I am saying that there are things we might be right

I am going to touch about one thing only today is this letter although I do feel there are a lot more issues we can speak about. The thing I want to share with you today is about your children's career choice. Why I am choosing this topic, that is because I feel here is where Indian parents play a decisive role in their children's future.

Over the last 7 years as a student, I have asked many Indian parents this question, "Uncle/Aunty, what course do you want your kids to take after they finished SPM?" and this is the most common answer I get back from there. Its either "I want them to do medicine" or "I wan them to do engineering" or "I want them to do law"

In some cases, yes the children do want to pursue this courses. At first I was under the impression that, this is what they want to do. When I ask this children is this what you want to do and their answer would be yes. Fast forward a couple of years later and ask them do you want to do this course? Most of them would answer no.

So why did they agree to do this course the first place? When I ask them this is what the most general answer would be." At that time I didn't really know what I like, Appa and Amma was asking me to do this course and I did well in my SPM in this particular subjects so I took it. But now I know I don't like this, but I like something else which I am good at"

You see Indian parents, the biggest problem here is that your kids are actually very very talented individuals, but at the age of 17, they still don't know what is their passion. What goes wrong is that, at an age where they are indecisive, you thrush your idea of doctor, lawyer and engineer to them forcing them to take it up. Most of them do so because they don't want to disappoint you. What happens next is that they would go on a life time working something they have no interest at

Here is some ways how you can make things right Indian parents. First of all, understand that there is more than just law, medicine and engineering out there. Perhaps at your time, this 3 courses would ensure most success, but trust me, I am a chemical engineer and it is not easy to even get an interview call. That is how competitive things are out there. Instead, broaden your perspective and see the different types of courses available out there. There are photography, journalism, film making, fashion design, and many more. Remember if you are passionate enough about something, you will become successful.

Next, you could help discover your kids passion from an early age. Some of them are into arts or dance or acting. Don't stop them from doing so. They could just make a career out of it. Being successful in life is not just about getting into science stream or scoring all A's in SPM. I've got friends who were in art's stream, did not do so well in their SPM but are now being so successful in life because they followed their passion. Guide your children Indian parents, not instruct them.

You are just like any parents out there who wants their kids to be successful and that is not wrong, but always remember this Indian parents, those who pursue their passion will be successful.

Warm Regards,
An Indian guy who followed his passion

Thursday, 23 July 2015

5 of The Greatest Athlete of My Era

I was going through one the Arsenal Facebook group and I came across this interesting post by one of the member. He ask us to name 5 of the greatest athlete you have watch during your time. It was interesting and quickly catching on with the rest of the members and that got me wanting to write a post here .

*Note: I can't choose people like Pele as I never watch him play and he is not someone from my time

Michael Schumacher

Without a doubt the greatest driver to grace the Formula 1 sports industry. The rain master was in a class of is own during his prime in the sports. He is the 7 time world champion and still the most successful driver in the industry. He once dominated the sports so well, whereby he won 5 consecutive world championship. He is also known as the Master of Rain, where he often wins races in wet condition with ease. He is one of the biggest reason why I follow this sports today and why I love Ferrari. Get well Schumi!
Thierry Henry
During my time, I am blessed to watch many great footballers in action and watch all those fantastic goals. Among those who I've watched, Thierry Henry will always be the greatest and most complete center forward to have grace the sport. The guy can score, assist, dribble and take your breath away at lighting pace with the goals against Liverpool and S*purs where he just ran through those players as if they were invincible. Indeed Henry was invincible and part of a team that went on 49 games unbeaten. Henry represents what the beautiful game us all about. He makes football so much of joy to watch. A hallmark of any great player is to have rival club fans adoring him and yes I've known of many United and Liverpool fans who hold Henry at high regard. A real legend of the game

Roger Federer 

I don't usually follow tennis as intensely as how I follow football. The only time I watch tennis is only during the 4 Grand Slams and usually from the Quarter-Final Stage onwards. Having said that, I am pleased to say that I was alive to watch the greatest ever tennis player of all time play. When comes to tennis, no one comes close to the great FED-EX. He makes tennis looks so simply on the eye as he changes pace and those backhands. A true great of the sports. 17 Grand Slam tittles and spent 302 weeks consecutively as world number 1. Both this records are still to be broken and he is still competitive in his game despite aging up and recently once again made it to the final of his beloved Wimbledon Open. I can't wait for the moment he clinches his 18th Grand Slam. I believe there is still one more Grand Slam left in him

Lionel Messi

Some might say that Christiano Ronaldo is the greatest player in the world. Well that is only true because The Great Lionel Messi is from another planet. For me, he is the greatest player of all time, surpassing players like Pele and Maradona. The only thing he has not won in his professional career is the World Cup and Copa America, which he has successfully made it to the final. That is the only thing they have against him. Putting that aside, Lionel Messi is an upgrade of Ronaldhino. They make you fall in love with the beautiful game all over again. The way he plays makes you think you are actually playing FIFA. Such is his class and skills. He does things which makes you lose your mind. A master of beautiful goals and a great team player. He loves assisting as much as he loves scoring. He has rewritten the history of football and he can only get better. Lionel Messi, the greatest ever footballer. 

Nicol David

Squash may not be the most popular game in the world but it is one tough and intense game. It is not as easy as it looks like and I am so proud to say that the person who is ruling the female category of squash is our very own Malaysian Star Nicol David. 108 consecutive months currently as world number 1 and has 8 world open tittles to her name. She is the face of squash and a true icon of the game. If only squash were to be part of the Olympic Games, Malaysia would have won their first ever gold medal, because Nicol David can be very unbeatable.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Ten Faces of Innovation

Innovation has something I have always fancied about. I truly believe that innovation is the best way forward to achieve success. It’s an ever evolving world and you need to innovate in order to be able to cope with the current world trend.

For example if you look at smartphone companies like Apple or Samsung, you can see that almost every year they will come up with a new smartphone. These smartphone would be an upgrade from the previous version. The will update the features of the current phone to a better version for their next phone

Updates like better camera, new operating software/system, better hardware and tolerance. This is called innovation. The innovate their current technology to a better technology. And the result of that is that, these companies rack in millions in profit. There you go, innovation leads to success.
Some might say that innovation is not easy; it is very difficult and challenging. Even if I come up with an innovative idea, someone is always there to shoot me down and say that this idea won’t work. Have you been in such position before? Whereby you are in a meeting and you propose a new innovative idea, and someone across the table says that it won’t work because of certain reason. They throw out your idea. Have you faced this situation before?

Well these are the people we call the Devil’s Advocate. They are the type of people who would focus on all the negatives and tell you why your idea won’t work. The smart thing about the Devil’s Advocate is that they don’t reject your idea because they don’t believe it, but they will say considering from a consumer’s point of view or as a third person who will be using your innovation I don’t think it won’t work.

It’s a smart way to reject your idea, because you can’t say that the Devil’s Advocate rejected your idea. He/she has planted the thought that they don’t reject your but the consumer/third party would reject your idea.

So how do we beat the Devil’s Advocate? This is where the Ten Faces of Innovation comes into play. You will need this 10 faces or attributes to beat the devil’s advocate. These 10 characters carries 10 different types of attitudes and mindset you need to have to beat the Devil’s advocate. You may not have all of 10 attributes, but in a group if every one of them can play one of this roles, than you are on the right path. 

Sometimes you can play more than one of the roles. Just like how in life you are one person but you play the role of a son, brother, friend, and student. One person but 4 different roles, and it is the same thing here where you can have more than 1 of the Ten Faces of Innovation.

The Ten Faces of Innovation are called as:
  1.  The Anthropologist- The person who brings new learning and insights to the group by observing human behavior and developing a deep understanding of how people interact physically and emotionally with product, services and space
  2. The Experimenter- The person who prototypes new ideas continuously, learning by a process of enlightened trial and error. The take calculated risks to achieve success through a state of “experimentation and implementation” 
  3. The Cross-Pollinator- The person, who explores other industries and cultures, then translates those findings and revelations to fit the unique need of your enterprise.
  4. The Hurdler- The person who understands the path to innovation is full with challenges but builds a character to break those challenges.   
  5. The Collaborator- The person who brings eclectic group together, and often leads from the middle of the pack to create new combinations and multidisciplinary solutions.
  6. The Director- The person who gathers talented people and sparks their creative talent to life. 
  7. The Experience Architect- The person that designs compelling experiences that go beyond mere functionality to connect at a deeper level with customer’s latent or expressed needs. 
  8. The Set Designer- The person that creates the stage on which innovation team members can do their best work, transforming physical environments into powerful tools to influence behavior and attitude. 
  9. The Caregiver- The person that anticipates customer needs and is ready to look after them. They are the reason why you see situation where is service is really in demand. 
  10. The Storyteller- The person that builds both internal morale and external awareness through compelling narratives that communicates  a fundamental human value or reinforce a specific cultural trait.

Now imagine you are in the same meeting again, you propose a new innovative idea and the Devil’s advocate rejects your idea. But this time you have people in the meeting who has The Ten Face Of Innovation and one of them steps to be The Anthropologist and says “I have seen many people who are difficult without this product, and this idea might just be the solution to their issue” or one of them steps up to be The Experimenter and says “We could prototype this idea in a week and get a better understanding to see if where are unto something good or not”.

Now with having The Ten Faces of Innovation, the Devil’s Advocate may just silent up and allow you to proceed with your new innovative idea and who knows that idea might just change the world. Every great invention starts off with an idea. If you believe in your idea hard enough, one day it will turn out to be an amazing product.

Some of the roles of The Ten Faces of Innovation may not seem practical for university students to use at classes or meetings. Nevertheless it is good to have students practicing these attributes early as it will give them a competitive edge when they start to work. Because companies today are looking to innovate from time to time and with this attitude and attributes you might just be the person they looking for.  

*This post was based from a book titled “The Ten Faces of Innovation by Tom Kelley with Jonathan Littman” The 10 characters and the Devil’s advocate concept can all be found in this book”