Friday, 17 November 2017

Lakshmi- Short Film: Powerful & Revolutionarily or Foolish & Inconsiderate

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Lakshmi is a short film made in India which was recently on early November 2017. The film has been a huge success in the film festivals and below is snapshot of it’s achievements.

However, for not the same reasons, Lakshmi has been making rounds on social media. It has gotten the people divided into two opinions mainly. Some praises Lakshmi as a powerful and revolutionary short film while the other half is mad at how inconsiderate and foolish the short film is.

Before I go into giving my opinion on that, allow me to write a few things about the short film itself. Having watched it today, I was at awe at how the film was being made.

Lakshmi is a short film that deals with a theme of how when a married woman is treated poorly drives her into having an extra martial affair. Putting the story aside there were many things in the film that captured my attention.

The first was how they choose to show us the daily routine of Lakshmi exactly 3 times. Anything more would have been too long and repetitive and anything lesser would have been too short and not impactful.

In each loop of the routine, they showed different shots of her daily routine and at a faster pace, allowing us to understand what a mundane and meaningless life Lakshmi goes through.

She got into an arrange marriage and there seems to be no show of love and affection  from her husband. Yes, he has sex with her in every loop but it looks more to fulfill his sexual needs rather then something mutual and sensual

You can see it in the way has he reacts after having sex or the way he wakes her up to engage in sex. He doesn’t seem to bother that his son is sleeping beside and insist of having sex just for his pleasure as you can see Lakshmi is feeling very uncomfortable.

The next part which I enjoyed much was the whole black and white shots and coloured shots. If you noticed the scenes showing Lakshmi in her routine life is done in black & white. I feel it represents her life which is without any joy or happiness. Just like the dull black and white colour, her life is equally dull and meaningless.

The scenes where she meets her new “crush” is shown to be in colour. Despite not talking to each other, it is because of this guy is where we see Lakshmi smile for the first. He adds colour to her life. He gives her happiness and a sense of excitement in what is normally a dull day.

Now coming to the theme of the story, I have seen many people are being mad that it shows how a married woman is having an extra marital affair. If you look closely it isn’t just Lakshmi who has an affair, it started with her husband first who is having an affair.

Of because two wrongs don’t make a right, but was what really Lakshmi and her husband did wrong? If you look back at the film, the husband treats Lakshmi nothing more than a maid and someone he can have sex with. He is not concerned about her.

Even when she says she is stuck and has no transport to come home, he questions her back “so what shall we do now?” and when she says she is staying over at her mum’s place, the only thing he cared was who is going to make him breakfast.

From here we can see that there is no love or affection being shown by the husband. For Lakshmi, her married life has been like a pressure cooker which is shown at the very beginning of the film. It is bound let off some steam at some point.

She never showed any interest in other man despite being treated poorly by her husband. Her triggering point was when her husband started having an affair. If a man can have an affair why can’t Lakshmi have is what she felt.

The process of her discovering her true beauty and let herself go with the help of her “crush” was so beautiful captured with an art background and lines from Bharathiyar was so beautifully captured. It was a joy to watch Lakshmi rediscover herself.

If you look at what is being talked about putting down the film is all about her having an affair and not a word about the husband having an affair. How is that right?

This is a short film which reflects on the reality of many middle class young couples who were forced to get married. Whether you accept it or not, both married men are women are having affairs and I believe the key to making the marriage between Lakshmi work is by both of them having their affairs. Maybe that is what they need to make it work, a little meaning in their life to look forward too.

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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Rockstar Anirudh Goes Hindi!: Bewajah, India’s 1st Vertical Music Video

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Innovating and trending isn’t something new for Anirudh. After all that was exactly how he rose to fame through “Why This Kolaveri”. He gave us something different, it trended and became viral.

After establishing himself as a household name in Kollywood & Tamil Music, Rockstar Anirudh has decided to venture into Hindi songs. He has set his mind on coming up with something trendy.

Joining hands with Sony Music, Anirudh Ravichander has released a Hindi track titled “Bewajah”. As I don’t speak Hindi, I had to ask my friends what does “Bewajah” means. According to my panel of expert Hindi speaking friends, the term “Bewajah” means “without any reason”.

As amazing as the song turned out to be, what has gotten people talking is the music video. “Bewajah” is India’s very first VERTICAL MUSIC VIDEO. Well to help you understand a little better, below is a comparison of a normal music video and a vertical music video.

Left: Vertical Music Video Viewed From A Laptop; Right: Vertical Music Video Viewed From A Smartphone

A vertical music video when watched on your tablet or smartphone utilizes your whole screen without needing you to turn your device into a horizontal position. It gives the viewers a much more engaging experience.

With statistic showing that smartphone users hold their device vertically 94% of the time, Anirudh & Sony Music might have just unlocked the next big thing in music videos and won massively through “Bewajah”.

As quoted by Anirudh, this is what he has to say about India’s 1st Vertical Video.

Fans of music in general are always looking for exclusive content and for me going vertical was a way of giving them that. The entire concept is very unique and the process of creating the same was also very different. The end product looks good to me, I am sure fans will love it too!

Coming down to the music video itself, being a vertical video isn’t the only unique thing about “Bewajah”. The concept of how the music video itself being done is indeed unique.

If I were to sum it up, the music video uses a theme of classic movie poster coming to life in a 3-D like feel with the song lyrics hovering over just like the movie poster tittle.

The music video felt very colorful and together with the tune of the music keeps you very much engages. And then comes Anirudh during the chorus portion looking ever so classy spotting a white suit, a bow tie and a hat while riding a bicycle, pooping out and singing along the chorus.

It is a music video that has the ability to take you back through time and just feel the beauty and class of the song. Well done once again to Anirudh & Sony Music for coming up with something innovative, creative and engaging. I have no doubts that this song is going to be topping the music charts very soon and go viral among music lovers.

There is also something exciting news Sony Music has to offer to Malaysian music lovers. Sony Music India is going to be working closely with Sony Music Malaysia to ensure that Malaysian Tamil and Hindi music lovers will be getting their favourite contents without any delay.

Stay tuned to Sony Music Malaysia is going to be doing something exciting for all of you through their brand new social media platforms and Boggler Blogger takes immense pride to announce this to you. 

Do follow Boggler Blogger’s Facebook page to find the details of Sony Music Malaysia’s latest social media platform that is set to be launched soon. Check out "Bewajah" Vertical Music Video by playing the video below

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Friday, 10 November 2017

Under The Spot Light: Jhangri

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It is great to know that now there is almost one Malaysian Tamil Film being released per month and this month only there is three films being release with the first of it being Jhangri. Here is my review on Jhangri.

Story Review

A fun filled comedy entertainer. This is how the film was heavily promoted and it was evident throughout the film. Before I begin my deep dive into the film’s story and breaking it down, let me give you a simple one liner of the film without ruining the film for you.

Jhangri is a film about a young man finding love in his life and when his love is rejected, he finds out that it is due to external circumstances and complexity which forces the girl to turn him down. How he tries to solve this and will he win over the girl forms the rest of the film.

Yes, this plot line has existed in many Tamil films before this, but what makes this film, different, fresh and engaging is how the amount of humor element that was blend in the film.

This is why Jhangri wins big with the audience. They took a simple story and was smart enough to find the right gaps to fill in with comedy portion to keep us entertained throughout the film.

Another thing in the story which I enjoyed was how they kept introducing plot twist in the film continuously to keep the film engaging. The first half of the film turns out to be rather predictable but the plot twist of why the heroine rejects the advances of the hero is not something everyone would have been able to pick out at the start of the film. Certainly, I fail to guess it right.

The film had about 6 characters to drive the film forward and none of them were there just for the sake having them. The story demanded the presence of these characters in the film in order for them to bring the film to the next portion of the plot. Well done to the team in writing the film in that way.

Despite the many positives of the many positives in the film, I would not score the story of the film highly as I felt it was thin and despite the plot twist, several portions of the film felt rather predictable. 

Rating: 2.7/5.0

Director Review
Kabilan Plondran

Kabilan Plondran makes his directional debut with Jhangri. Having previously worked as an AD for Karthick Shamalan in EVT, Kabilan this time takes over the directional seat and brought us this very sweet treat.

Coming up with a fun filled entertainer for your first film is perhaps one of the best decisions you have made Kabilan. It was very brave of you to write a story which requires 5-6 characters to drive it and yet give them all proper screen time and balance. Well done on that.

It was a very neat film as you justified the potential loopholes in the film by having your character to say one of two things and that is very smart. Another part I’ll credit you is on how you avoided flashback scenes and choose to do it through narration.

I am personally a fan of when a character narrates a scene of their past rather than showing me flashback footages or scenes. I believe with proper voice narration and good dubbing, you will be able to translate more emotions to the audience compared to a flash back scene.

This was evident when Kuben narrates about the little boy and when Agalyah narrates a moment from her past. Thank you Kabilan for choosing this approach. Short, direct and impactful.

Personally, I wished you could have avoided a couple of things in the film which I didn’t feel was relevant. For example, I identified two portions in the film where a social messaged was stuff in for the sake of it, which doesn’t balance the scene. I don’t think this film needs a social message, yet you went for those moments.

In your effort to make this film a comedy riot, I felt a couple of the comedian scenes not funny and interrupting with the flow and pace of the story. However, I am sure it was only me who felt that because during that scene, the whole cinema was laughing except me. You won with them but not with me.

I would also like to use this space here to credit your DOP, Shanker Indra on the fantastic camera work done by him. I don’t think I have seen Klang this beautifully. Excellent work on the camera and loved your drone shots.

I watched Jhangri with my mother and a small kid. Including that is people from 3 different ages group. Kid, Adult, Senior Adult and all three of us were able to enjoy your film and laugh together. Credit goes to you for coming up with a family that is suitable to be watched by any individual.

I would say you have joined the elite list of directors like Karthik Shamalan, S.D Puvanendran, Shalini Balasundram and Shanjhey Kumar Perumal who are only a couple of films old and you all are going to be the future of Malaysian Tamil Film Industry.

Rating: 3.3/5.0

The Cast
Vicran Elanggoven

Vicran makes his debut as hero in this film, where previously he played a supporting role in Geethaiyin Raadhai, which was also his film debut. Having watched Jhangri, I am convinced that Vicran is the right pick for this film.

The role he plays in Jhangri draws parallel to the role in Geethaiyin Raadhai. I believe that his role here is something like an evolution from the previous role. I felt like it was an extension of his previous role.

Vicran did justice to his role throughout the film. He has excellent comical body language and good humor timing which I value very much in a hero. He also aced the dialogue delivery part.

Vicran has a nice charm about him where even he is sharing screen space with other actors in the film, he is still able to pull the attention to his performance. It was good to see him make the step up in the industry playing the lead role but at the same time he has so much to learn and sharpen on to be a leading hero in Malaysia.

An example of improvement will be the way he emotes when he is crying or being sad. I felt there was plenty of room for improvement, but considering this is his first film as a hero, it is acceptable. He has to work on it and that will push him higher. Vicran needs to add more variety to his emotions and that will bring him places.

Rating: 3.0/5.0

Agalyah Maniam

Agalyah’s rise to stardom is surely an inspirational story everyone out there. Early this year she made her debut in a short feature film called “Venpa”. Then she had an opportunity to be the host of Astro Vizthugal and now she has made her debut in a feature film as a heroine in Jhangri. All of this under a year!

Now coming to her performance, I believed Agalyah scored well in her role. She has the looks to be a leading heroine and her acting skills is nothing less. Here she plays the role of Januusree, a corporate working lady who looks always unhappy and disturbed.

Her ability to take command in a scene when she is in it should be lauded. She showed good confidence and quality in her scenes and doesn’t seem like someone who is just making her debut.

However, where I felt a little let down from her was during the song of “Thooki Erinjittu”. It was a fantastic song and there is a portion in the song with a female voice. During that portion of the song in the film, Agalyah Maniam’s acting and dubbing was a real let down for me. It didn’t look convincing and it disconnects me from the film a little while.

Once again as it is her debut film, she is here to learn and improve and I hope she does because she has all the qualities needed to be a top-quality actress and if she continues to work on the details of her performance, she will make it big at the top.

Rating: 3.2/5.0

DaView Puvanan

I usually don’t do a separate section for supporting actors in a film but this guy’s performance in the film demanded me to have a separate portion just for him. There is no doubt about his ability to speak in front of camera as you can see from his DaView YouTube channel videos, however acting in a film a whole new ball game and Puvanan had to step up his game.

Did he step it up? The answer is a big yes! In a film with so many established cast names, DaView Puvanan was perhaps the unknown one among them to the public. Having watch the film, if the audience is going to speak about anyone, they will speak about it.

I can’t remember when was the last time I laugh out loud in a Malaysian Tamil Film as most of the previous film comedy felt unnatural and forced, but this boy’s timing and jokes were perfect.

One of my favorite scene of the film when Puvanan & Vicran stalks a person, he starts to chant “Garuda, Garuda, Poo Pode” when he becomes nervous. I broke into laughter and claps watching that scene. It was so good. Let be his voice modulation, body language or comical timing, he nailed it in this film.

There is still some gaps in his performance which he can work out such as his expressions and dialogue delivery in a more serious scene setting but that wasn’t demanded much from him in this film. I feel he through this film, DaView Puvanan has established himself as the best comedian in the industry. I know it is big words and I hope this spur him to prove me right.

Rating: 3.4/5.0

Kuben Mahadevan & Karnan G Crak

These two names were perhaps the biggest and glamorous cast name in the film, yet among the five, it was this two who had the least screen time. Lack of screen time doesn’t mean they didn’t have an impact on the film. In fact, it is these two characters that drives the film in the second half to be honest.

First about Kuben Mahadevan, I am at awe with this guy. I loved his performance in this film very much and his voice modulation. He plays a very serious personality role in this film and it is well translated in the film.

My favourite scene among many in this film was the portion he narrates a flashback about a small boy. Just take note at how he emotes with his, the way he plays with his voice and dialogue delivery. It sends chills to my spine. Absolutely brilliant from Kuben. I can’t wait for his next film!

From being a hero to playing a bit part role in a film isn’t usually the wisest decision an actor should make in his/her career. I must admit that Karnan was brave in making this decision and there is a silver lining in it.

The silver lining is that this film allows Karnan to explore a new shade role where he plays a negative role. His talent as a quality actor is for display despite the limited screen time. He utilizes every opportunity he gets on screen and gives a strong performance. It is obvious why he is such a quality actor.

I felt he was held back and tied down throughout the film and only at the climax he was freed and allowed to perform in his own zone and comfort and he shows what he has in him. Another good showing from Karnan.

Rating: 3.4/5.0

The Music

Ztizh hit to fame with Geethaiyin Raadhai with his music and now Jhangri is his second theatrical release. From where he stopped in Geethaiyin Raadhai, he continued in Jhangri.

The film has two songs, “Enna Karanam” and Thooki Erinjittu” and they both are chartbusters for me. I loved “Enna Karanam” initially when it was released but over time “Thooki Erinjittu” grew on me and now that my favorite. Take your time to hear both these songs and you will know why.

The background score of the film was also on par with those two songs. The music played when Vicran tries to impress Agalyah was soul touching and his background score brings life to many portions in the film.

When everything was going good for Ztish, there was one thing which pulls down his rating here. That was because of the theme music/song for Bawan. He tried to do a rap theme song for the Bawan’s character and it came out poorly for me.

If that was avoided or a different type of score was put in, he would have scored even highly here. The music for Karnan's role came out very well but not for Bawan.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Final Verdict: A Sweet Treat For People Of All Ages

Final Rating: 3.3/5.0

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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Jhangri Preview: The 5 Faces of Jhangri!

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Directed by Kabilan Plondran and produced by Nanthini Ganesan, Jhangri is a very sweet film that is set to hit cinemas near you from 9th November 2017 onwards. When it comes to Malaysian Tamil Films, it is usually very hard to get people to watch the film in cinema. Well who can blame them, judging on some of the quality of past film except a handful few which is amazing.

With the film set to hit the cinemas very soon, here is Boggler Blogger’s introduction of the 5 faces of Jhangri.

1.    Vicran Elangoven

Vicran @ Vicran
Vicran Elanggoven, the boy that hails from the mighty town of Klang. I felt so much of pride just writing that one line. To see one of our very own Klang homeboy being hero in full feature film.

Vicran apart from being an actor, Vicran is also a very talented rapper, lyricist & host. He is part of a team called Outlaw Malaysia who had just recently released an album called Gethu. Do check this album out as it is a chartbuster.

The journey for Vicran started back in 2010 where he released a single track called “Naage Jothi” together with Viveck JI of Chakra Sonic. From there Vicran kept his head down and work hard and finally got his big break through in Geethaiyin Raadhai.

In this film, Vicran played the role of Jeeva who was the hero’s best friend and without a doubt he was the one making us laugh in the film with his style of dialogue delivery. Vicran’s potential of acting can be seen from this film itself.

Today in Jhangri, Vicran plays the lead role in the film which happens to be named Vicran as well. I was told that there were people who mocked him and laughed at him when he said he was going to be playing the lead role in Jhangri.

Despite all those criticism, Vicran went on to take up the role and I am very glad he did so. The role fitted Vicran like a "T". If you loved Vicran in Geethaiyin Raadhai, you will become a fan of him after Jhangri.

This is all the more reasons why YOU should watch this film in cinemas near you. 

2.    Agalyah Maniam

Agalyah Maniam is a young and talented actress who is looking set to dominate the local film. She is primarily well known for her portrayal as Kalyani in a short-feature film called “Venpa”.

Agalyah Maniam as Janusree
Following the success of Venpa, she landed a role as a host in Astro’s live programme called Vizhuthugal. Apart from this what many people don’t know that well is that Agalyah is a degree holder in Bsc Accounting & Finance whereby she graduated in March 2017 from Sunway University.

Apart from acting, Agalyah is a Certified Yoga Instructor having graduated from Sakthi School of Yoga back in March 2017 and is now actively running both open and private yoga classes in KL, Puchong, Klang & Shah Alam.

In Jhangri, Agalyah plays the role of Janusree, whereby she is the lead heroine of the film. She spots a character who seems to be working in a corporate background.

Having been a super jovial character in real life, Agalyah plays a very serious and driven character where her events from the past is affecting her life and career today. To understand the complexity around the character of Janusree, you will need to watch the film to find out.

3.    “DaView” Puvanan

Puvanan Manokaran or better known to his fans as DaView Puvanan is a Youtuber who is well known for his film reviews through his channel called “DaView”. Despite being a graduate in Actuarial Science, Puvanan has started to venture into acting through Jhangri.

DaView Puvanan @ Ravyn
It all started with Puvanan attempting hosting for a couple university events & functions. Growing from that confidence, Puvanan pushed the boundaries within him and together with his friend called Mohandass, they started a YouTube page called “DaView”.

Their first film review on YouTube was for Thalapathy Vijay’s film Theri. From there DaView grew with more film reviews and thanks to a few controversial videos, it made DaView and Puvanan a household name among fans who seeks for unbiased film reviews.

He credits the DaView as the reason why he was casted in Jhangri and has now played the character of Ravyn. The character he plays is a supporting role to the film hero.

Instead of expecting just a substandard supporting role, you will get a comical rollercoaster from DaView Puvanan’s performance. He will make you laugh throughout the film and make your experience watching Jhangri a very sweet one indeed.

4.    Karnan G Crak

Karnan G Crak @ Karnan
Holla to another Klang boy who is making it big. Karnan G Crak is one of the big name cast in this film. Karnan’s journey in films started back in 2009 when he was part of a short film called Kick Start.

Through his convincing performance as X in Kick Start, Karnan won the Best Actor Award and the People’s Choice Award in the BMW Shorties in 2010. He followed that up by winning the 2014 Best Actor Award in the Malaysian Kalai Ulagam Awards.

From here Karnan’s career branch in two ways, one as an actor and the second as a singer. Karnan is part of Outlaw Malaysia, together with Vicran. He was also the hero in the film called Geethaiyin Raadhai, where he shared screen space with Vicran.

Karnan was also casted in Jagat and made a brief cameo in En Vittu Thothatil. Now you know why I said Karnan is one of the biggest cast in this film. Despite that stardom, Karnan has played a minimal but impactful role in this film.

This is the first time he has shared screen space with Kuben Mahadevan despite having work together in Jagat and those scenes is one to look for. Karnan’s character in the film carries a little dark shade and it is refreshing to see him play different roles.

5.    Kuben Mahadevan

Kuben Mahadaven or more lovingly known as Baby Koba is my favorite actor among the cast list of Jhangri. He claims to be the youngest member of the cast with just a tender age of 20+++ (those who knows him would understand what it means 😊)

Baby Koba @ Bhavan
The quote “Siricha Thangam Mathri, Morecha Singam Mathri” is absolutely apt for this guy over here. Having had the opportunity to be around him a few, I would say he is one of the funniest person you will come across yet on screen he can switch himself up to play a serious villainous role easily. Despite that Baby Koba claims that he has a serious face and a silent type of guy.

Baby Koba was introduced into the acting world in a short film called Naan Thirudan back in 2013. His debut feature film was under the helms of Karthik Shamalan through Mella Tiranthathu Kathavu, also back in 2013 where he pulled of the role of a villain.

However, the film that established Kuben Mahadevan as a top class actor was none other than JAGAT. In Jagat, Kuben eased the role of Maniam with so much class and perfection which lead him to be nominated in the Asean International Film Festival & Awards (AIFFA). This is indeed a proud achievement for our film industry.

And now Jhangri is going to be Baby Koba’s second theatrical release and if you need one reason to watch the film, that one reason for me is watching Baby Koba. Here he plays the role of Bhavan who seems to be like the villain of the film.

He even has his own theme music for his character in this film. It will be very interesting to see how the serious face Kuben fits into a comical filled film.

Jhangri is being released in cinemas near you from 9th November onwards and it is a film that you shouldn’t miss as it will make you laugh throughout the film and you have these 5 amazing actors who are set to impress you in this film.

Watch this film and do let me know who among these 5 characters was your favorite

Cinema Listings For Jhangri

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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Travelling With Sukesh: One Day In London

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Whenever I hear the word “London” the first thing that hits my mind is “London Baby!” I believe most of you known this phrase, but for those who don’t, this line was famously delivered by Matt Le Blanc who plays Joey Tribbiani in Friends.

Joey and Chandler travel to London for Ross’s wedding and take a day out to explore London. Throughout the day Joey constantly annoys Chandler with his video camera and keeps saying “London Baby!” It was actually while watching this episode many years ago, I made myself a promise that I would visit London one day and say it out loud “London Baby!”

London is a land with many majestic places to visit and explore. But here’s the problem. Traveling from a country like Malaysia to UK whose currency is like 5 times bigger than ours, everything in London tends to look expensive. Therefore my trips to Europe are limited by the time I spend in each country. I’d rather split my money to travel to more countries in the same period of time rather than spending all of my savings in one place. I’m sure many can relate. So here’s a treat for y’all – personally tested tips on how you can get the whole London experience in just one day!

**This tips works on the basis that you fly in to London late the previous night or super early in the morning and leave late that night or the following morning

The best way to kick-start your day no matter where you are in the world is by having a hearty breakfast. There is a saying that goes “Eat breakfast like a king” and when you are in London, you’ve got to make sure you do it because the food there is amazing.
Though you are often advised to go with the English Breakfast, I’d suggest something different. Get a cup of hot English Tea and have some pastries to go with it. The pastries in London taste very much different from what you might have locally. Have it hot, freshly baked from the oven together with your tea and you are set for your day’s adventure. Plus it might cost you lesser then an English Breakfast set.
Now before you can start your travelling adventure around London, first things first, you need to get an Oyster Card. With this card you can access the tube and the buses. A 5 Pounds refundable deposit is needed to be paid to gain the card and you can top up how much you want. If you are going to be in London for just a day, I would suggest you just put in 10 Pounds.
That’s because most tourist attractions falls under Zone 1 & 2 of London, and as long you are travelling within these 2 Zones, you can’t be charged more than 7.50 Pounds a day. The balance of the cash you topped up and the deposit can be refunded when you return your card, thus making it a good deal.
Wherever you start your journey from, the first stop I would suggest you to go to is King’s Cross Station. You might have heard this name if you played Monopoly, but if you are a Harry Potter fan, I’m sure you are well aware that this is where Platform 9 ¾ Quarters is located. Yes, at the actual train station. Once you are in King’s Cross Station, just follow the signboards and you will find your way to Platform 9 ¾. I’d advise you against attempting a headfirst run at the brick wall though.
Being a Harry Potter fan, visiting this place was one of the greatest highlights of my trip. Here you can take a photo with a scarf of your favorite Hogwarts’s House while holding the trolley ramping into the wall. Next you can visit the Harry Potter store next to it.
The store is filled many Harry Potter merchandise. If you are a Potterhead, you might just blow a hole in your wallet. From T-shirts, to hoodies to magic wands and key chains, you can find all sorts of Harry Potter merchandises there. Being a huge Emma Watson fan myself, I couldn’t resist not buying a replica wand used by Hermione Granger in the film and it cost slightly lesser then 30 Pounds.
Due to the queue for the photo clicking and the amount of time you might spend in the shop being awestruck, I would reckon you might spend about 2 hours here. Which gives you time to visit 1 more spot before you can stop for lunch.
Some Harry Potter Merchendise 

You will be spoilt for choice for where you can visit next, but my recommendation for you would be to visit the London Tower. For history lovers, London Tower would be an ideal destination to visit and you can take some very good photos there too.
You can ride the tube all the way to the station where London Tower is located and when you walk out, the London Tower is right in front of you. As you walk towards the tower, take a moment to appreciate the street art work by the sides which paints you a picture of the events that took place here.
London Tower
Here you have an option to go in for tour or admire its beauty from outside. If you are only having a day in London, I wouldn’t ask you to do the tour as it could take up your time, preventing your visit to other spots.
As you walk out from the tube station, on your left will be London Tower and on your right would be a very beautiful garden. You won’t find a crowd but it is actually a very nice spot to read a book at. This place is actually a war memorial garden, so just take a moment to walk through it, take a couple of pictures if you want and pay some respect to those lost lives.
By the time you complete this, I guess it will be almost noon. As your breakfast was heavy, you wouldn’t get too hungry yet but you might want to grab a little bite as you still have a long day ahead. For lunch I wouldn’t really suggest anything fancy nor spend too much time on it. Instead you could just spend a couple of minutes getting a hot dog at a food cart and be on your way to your next spot.
You could be excused for missing other spots during your visit to London, but not going to the Buckingham Place isn’t one of them. This most iconic royal place is a must visit place. Once again you can go all the way there through the tube and once you get off you will need to walk through a beautiful park for a couple of minutes before you reach the gates of the palace.
Take a minute to just savor the moment that you are here. There might be some tour guides there explaining about the palace history. I was lucky enough to catch a story about how a guy broke into the Queen’s bedroom to ask her for a couple of cigarettes.
Buckingham Palace Baby!!!
Just walk around the palace, there’ll be many places to take photos at. One of the best things you can do is just to sit, let time pass by and live the moment, enjoying every bit. Before you take tube to the next station, you might want to consider once again just lying down at the park or snapping some photos of people around there.
Next you can ride the tube all the way to Westminster Station as the rest of the places on my list to visit revolves around this station with walking distance. As you come out from the station the first thing you would spot is the famous Big Ben.
From there you can walk towards exploring the House of Commons & Westminster Abby. If you walk across Westminster Bridge you would come towards the Eye of London. It will be a cool idea to ride it and get a bird eye shot of London. There are more attractions around there life Shrek’s Adventure & Sea Life London Aquarium.
If you come back across the bridge you would be able to see the New Scotland Yard office and beside that there is again a very beautiful park to walk through. It leads you to the Guards Division Memorial and a couple of more attractions.
By the time you complete walking around all these places it will surely be late evening. The good part about visiting London in the summer is that it doesn’t get dark until 8 p.m. Once you are done you can head back to where you’re putting up the night or off to the airport for your next destination.
The one last thing you should do before you end your London Trip is to try their Fish & Chips with beer. After a long day of walking around and a light lunch, this meal is the perfect dinner to have and sets you off right to a good long nap.
See you again on my next travel and I end this article with the following quote.

“Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends. You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things — air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky — all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it.” – Cesare Pavese
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