Thursday, 15 June 2017

Bullying: A Cancer To The Society

Remember this date guys, 15th June 2017. It is a date which saw an innocent life died due to some cowardly act of bullying by certain individuals. It is shame that the act of bullying still exist in our society today. Bullying is like the cancer to the society. The longer you let it be without doing anything about it, the worse it becomes. And we all need to play our parts to ensure the cowardly act of bullying or cyber bullying comes to an end. 

I have always wanted to write an article on bullying, but I could never find the right words to pen down my thoughts. You were not my friend, neither were we friends on social media, yet somehow when I heard the news of your passing on, it hit me hard and I felt I just had to pen down these write up to help create awareness against the cruel act of bullying

People have been sharing a lot about this on social media the last couple of days. While many spoke out of emotions, a few of them brought up some very good points regarding this issue. Below here is a screenshot of one such guy whose points made a lot of sense to me.

Note point number 4. “System that does not monitor the mental health of students in any institution.” This point hit me hard. It is true; we don’t really have qualified professional counselors/psychologist located fully in educational institution. Even if we had one, could a bullied victim comfortably speak to them without being judge by the society for seeking professional assistance? 

Here is where I feel we all have to play our role together. Not just by being more open to the concept of seeking professional assistance regarding bullied issues, but also to be more open in understanding that some people are different and you can limit them into a stereotyping box and force them there. There is no rule that a men should behave certain way and women should behave in a certain way. We are all different and unique in our own ways and don’t let people force you into a box.

And bullying doesn’t only stops with being physically assaulted and taunted. Cyber bullying and name shaming also creates the same kind of mental trauma towards the victim just like how a person is physically bullied. Calling for the bullied parents to be name shamed is equally wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Very saddening to see that how a boy who was passionate to be a famous musician died at a tender age of 18 without even having the chance to pursue his passion. I know there are many more bullied victim out there. Don’t give up. There are many ways you could seek assistance to end your misery. I have attached a couple of it here.

Some Helplines and Support Services You Can Contact

Every time if you kid comes and tell you that he/she is being bullied, please don’t ignore it parents. Trust your kids and put in the effort to go and find out what is happening. If you fail to trust them and act on it, that is the first stage a bullied victim stops believing he or she can get help. If they can’t win the trust of their parents, do you think they would seek support from outside? Please listen to your kids; you are supposed to be their best friend.
Even you can play a part in this. If you know a friend your is being bullied by is too afraid to bring this issue up to the right person, please talk to them and comfort then. Maybe you yourself can put in a word to the right people to seek help for your friend. Help them because they need our help.

Nhaveen, I am sorry this happened to you. I hope you would be the last victim to lose their life due to being bullied. I sincerely hope that the criminals that cause this goes through a fair trial and gets punish. Rest in peace Nhaveen and I hope this case becomes a lesson in building a better, bullied free world.

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