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RIP? A Film Like No Other Before!

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Malaysian Tamil Cinema has been producing some very quality films such as Geethaiyin Raadhai, Jagat & Maaravan in recent times. Quality local films like this convinced me that I should go and watch local films in cinema too.

And just like that, I came across this film called "RIP?" by S.T. Bala. Having watched its promotion campaign and trailer, I told myself I'm surely going to watch this film. I had certain expectations for the film, but sadly the film failed to match it.

I expected the film to be as terrible as garbage but ST Bala brought his film to a whole new level of crap. It was way more terrible than I expected. I never knew a film could be this bad but obviously ST Bala was aiming to set a new all-time low benchmark of how poor a film can be.

You see, the movie was so damn horrible that I have decided to ditch my normal style of reviewing a film and just go full on to writing and expressing my feeling on the movie. Before I deep dive into the film, let me just speak about their marketing campaign.

I've mentioned previously that the marketing campaign convinced me to watch the film and that was because that it was so poorly done and looks super fake. It was from I knew this is going to be horrible film, and I have to watch just to write about how poor it was.

Truth to be told, even a marketing internship student could have come up with a much better campaign than the RIP? team. Marketing is key to the success of any business, let it be films or not. The more you invest in marketing the better chances you have in success.

This is an example of how RIP? team did their marketing. Using S.T. Bala connection in the media and cinema industry they got celebrities to speak about the film saying it is a wonderful and excellent film. 

If you see the post on their page, there will be 20-30 comments. If you click it you'll notice that only the page's admin is commenting on the post. The admin themselves will tag 20 names in 20 separate comments, in an effort to get people to see the post. That's a really desperate way to drive your promotion to be honest.

The promo video about eating roti canai or watching the film which was released a couple of days before the film looks like it was done by someone who has no idea how to shoot a promo video. Such a terrible concept and it looks like it was recorded using a phone. The funniest part is that after their special screening (which they charged RM 20/person if I'm not mistaken) they recorded reviews from other celebrities, which were all good reviews by the way.
Dei obviously they will give good review la because they are people from the same industry. Even if they wanted to tell the truth how terrible your movie was, they can't. Because they can't severe ties with another industry people. If you really want to know how good your film is you should ask ordinary people about it without revealing you are associated to the film.

And if really the film was as good as what your marketing campaign claims, kindly explain to me why there was only 5 people in the cinema today when I watched the film. Remember it was a Saturday as well. Out of the 5 people, I only went there to see how horrible the film was. Another 2 non Indian couple was there for the film. 

I doubted they actually came for the movie, maybe just to jil jil jiga jiga in an empty theater. Athele, that couple did not even stay till the end of the film, they left before the interval. The movie was so poor till they didn't even want to jalsa in your movie. The other 2 was a mother daughter pair and I think they genuinely came for the movie. Well RIP to their ticket money.

Okey now let's review about the film. Despite all the negatives of the film, there was one thing which stood out for me in the movie. It was the bridging shot. If you don't know what that means, it is more like sample shots of unrelated shots to move from one scene to another. Something like a transition shot.

The bridging shot and the film has no connection at all but at least that looked Okey. Maybe because they didn't shoot it themselves but took it from else where. Maybe I don't know.

I've never laughed so hard for a scene where a person dies, but the way S.T. Bala's character lies down after he dies of heart attack made me burst into laughter. Below is a comparison of that shot with a Vadivelu shot and tell me if you didn't laugh for that

Who did it better? ST Bala or Vadivelu
Usually in a film there will be 2-3 underlying messages incorporated in the story of the film. As the story of the film goes, the message is felt subtly by the audience in a couple of scenes. The message is not the core of the story but more like something that blends in well with the story.
But in RIP? there was no story at all. Almost each and every scene of the film is about telling a message of what bad things happening in a funeral and what doesn't. Remember how our Moral textbook was like in school, where the whole book was about telling us to be good. Well RIP? is a visual representation of that. Message after message nonstop so much so you don't even know what the hell is going on.

The screenplay of the film was beyond horrible. Too many unnecessary scenes in the film just for the sake of forcing in a message. Characters were put in for the sake of it. It has no meaning or purpose. Speaking about characters, let me express how I felt about them.

Other then S.T. Bala none of them there I knew. In that sense it was a refreshing thing to see more new faces getting a breakthrough. But sadly for them, after this film it will be amazing if anyone signs them up. Maybe this film was the RIP to their career.

All the events takes place within 24 hours after S.T. Bala's character death and I guess none of them decided to take a bath in this 24 hours. Start to end, they were wearing the same attire. I've been to funerals and stayed over and trust me people do take bathe, even the people closest to the person who has passed away but in RIP? I guess they forgot to bathe as they were too busy saying social messages.

The purple shirt character guy, I have a question for you. Sir did you forget that you were in a funeral house when you were romancing with the girl you like at the kitchen? But when that other girl who likes you comes and tells you her feeling, you behaved like an uthaman scolding her for expressing her feelings in a funeral house. Yen saar, ungeleke vantha ratham, matevengeke takali chuttney uh? I don't blame you for it but the director surely.

Next, S.T Bala's character's brother. Saar how much did you actually drink. Did you drink on the night your brother died or were you drinking until the funeral finished? I could understand that you were drunk at night, but how were you still drunk in the morning. Yet during the ceremony of having to put the oil you seemed sober and after that you were drunk again. Enna pa ithe.

Nevertheless the film has one of the biggest unsolved mystery. Whose name is the RM 500,000 house actually under?  Is it 

A) Under the father's name
B) Under both S.T. Bala's character and his brother's name
C) Under the mother's name
D) Under S.T. Bala's character's wife name.

Please resolve this mystery for me.

Truth to be told, RIP? is actually a 45 minutes length film. Do you know what is the secret for making it a 1 1/2 hour film? Simple, just repeat every dialogue a minimum of 2 times and tadaaaa you can turn a 45 minute film into a 1 1/2 hour film.

The film was shot with a budget of less then RM 200,000 and within 5 days. Seriously bruh??? You spent nearly RM 200,000 for crap like that. Any Tom Dick & Harry could have done a much better job with maybe just 10% of the budget. With that amount money, I wished you'd hired a different script writer and director, at least we would have gotten a better film.

Watching RIP? on the big screen was like watching a stage play. That is because they way the characters acted was that way. When one character talks, shouts, cry or whatever, the other characters are just supposed to stand there and do nothing. The character can be drunk and shouting but no one in the funeral house will bat an eye until he finishes his line. Only after that they will react. It was indeed a stage play. And oh by the way, in many parts the dubbing was totally out of sync.

A couple more things to say before I end this post. First at the beginning of the film you mentioned no animals were harmed during the film. Well guess what it was the audience who watches your movie that was harmed. That was 90 minutes of my life I wouldn't get back.

S.T. Bala sir, please refund the RM 10 I paid for the film. No one deserves to have their money ripped off like this in times when economy is tough. Next, why are you selling KB sir, Vaali sir, Illayaraja sir and Director Bala sir's name for this movie in your opening credits. Pavum sir they all. 2 out of the 4 legends are no longer with us. I could only wonder how they would feel.

By the way the climax song which you totally ripped of from their movie, are they even aware of that? I fear if they tried to sue for it based on the film's profit, they might not have anything to sue from as there is no way this film can be profitable. Or maybe that's why you so daringly used it?

And finally, ST Bala sir, after this please do not even consider in your wildest dream to ever direct another film. I know there is a film titled "Roti Canai" by you. Please drop the project sir, I beg you behalf of all the audience out there. Malaysian Tamil film ke there is some standard and respect, please don't bring the bar lower and make other aspiring film makers struggle in making actual quality film.

To the people out there, it is my sincere and humble request that you shouldn't WASTE YOUR TIME & MONEY by watching this crap. Stop saying that it is a Malaysian film and we should support it. Give us quality films and without even you having to ask, people will watch and support it.

This says it all

If you want a second opinion of the film, kindly click the link below. It is review done by DaView. His style of review are a very honest fan style review. Don't forget to view the video, like and share his page.

Even DaView wants a refund

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